Premium quality packaging material

Premium quality packaging material


  • AWARD OBAL roku 2023
  • PRS Green label 2023
  • Pebal Sustainability Initiative
  • PIR & PCR recycled materials
  • Production readiness 2023
  • Interpack 2023
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    AWARD OBAL roku 2023

    As part of the 30th year of the OBAL ROKU competition, we won an award in the process & technology category!

    Our solution for Multi-Layer Coffee Barrier Packaging combines 6 different motifs in a single printing job!
    The author of the structure of product is Václav Zedník.

     obal roku oceneny exponat 4



    Thanks to the flexo printing method using EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing), this solution offers an excellent alternative to rotogravure and traditional spot color flexo printing.


    Using this technique, we achieve high-quality printing using CMYK process colors with OGV (orange, green and violet) additive colors.


    This advanced printing method reduces dependence on Pantone shades up to 90%, which leads to lower consumption of materials (paints, thinners and printed materials), energy consumption and CO2 emissions incl. optimization of color management.

    We thank our colleagues for their great work and our partners and customers for their trust and cooperation.

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    PRS Green label 2023

    Pebal Group is a partner in a sustainable pallet recycling system.

    As a company, we try to think ecologically in all sorts of ways. By cooperating with PRS Pooling, which refurbishes worn and damaged pallets, we are trying to put these pallets back into circulation. This system not only reduces the amount of packaging waste, but also reduces the carbon footprint and supports the multiple use of products.


    For our joint effort, we were awarded the Green Label certification and we will continue our efforts in the future.


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    Pebal Sustainability Initiative

    Our company has taken another important step towards sustainability by implementing a modern solar panel system at its production plant in Dobřany. This step is proof of the company's commitment to environmentally responsible practices. By using solar energy, Pebal takes a proactive role in reducing its dependence on traditional energy sources with an estimated self-sufficiency rate of approx. 17.5%.


    • Installed power 1MWp
    • A total of 2,172 solar panels
    • Area approx. 6,000 m2
    • CO2 savings of more than 320t per year



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    PIR & PCR recycled materials

    In today's rapidly evolving world, sustainability has become an urgent issue. The plastics industry in particular way is under scrutiny for its impact on the environment. However, our industry has made significant progress in adopting greener practices through the use of PIR and PCR materials. In this post, we will learn about the importance and benefits of these materials and shed light on their potential.




    PIR: Post-industrial recycled materials are plastic waste generated during the manufacturing process. This is not direct disposal, but the material is recycled and reused to create new products. This innovative approach not only reduces the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfills or the oceans, but also minimizes the need to produce new plastics. By using PIR materials, the plastics industry can significantly reduce its carbon footprint while promoting a circular economy.

    PCR or using the potential of consumer recycled materials, on the other hand, in our case, are plastics obtained from products that have completed their life cycle as consumer goods. These materials are regenerated, sorted and cleaned before they go through the actual recycling process. PCR materials provide an excellent opportunity for the plastics industry to minimize its dependence on original input materials. By collecting and reusing plastic waste from consumers, the plastics segment of the industry can make a significant contribution to a more sustainable future.

    Education plays an absolutely essential role in promoting a culture of sustainability. Raising awareness of the benefits of using PIR and PCR materials can inspire individuals and businesses to make greener choices. By understanding the positive impact of their decisions, consumers can actively seek out products made from recycled materials, increasing demand and encouraging manufacturers to adopt sustainable production practices.

    Even we at Pebal understand that the adoption of PIR and PCR materials is an important step towards creating a more sustainable plastics industry. Therefore, the current representation of these materials in our production is approximately 18% of our total production. By reducing waste, conserving resources and minimizing environmental impact, these materials offer a transformative solution. Let's embrace sustainability together and reshape the plastics industry for a better tomorrow.

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    Production readiness 2023

    We are fully operational after summer technological shutdown when complete maintenance of our machine portfolio took place at our Pebal plant in Dobřany.

    Watch a video of our extrusion lines ready for production demand through the rest of 2023.


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    Interpack 2023

    Our company PEBAL took part in the INTERPACK trade fair in Düsseldorf .

About us

  • About us

    Pebal s. r. o. was founded in 1995, as a trade company. Nowadays, Pebal is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of packaging materials in Czech Republic. At the end of 2018, the company moved to new premises near Pilsen (Dobřany), where 50,000 m2 of modern production and storage area of ​​the company is located.

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