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Print machine EXPERT
We offer printing on the new EXPERT CONCEPT 1204 GL printer with the maximum print width 2,300 mm and print speed 300 m/min. The printer is able to print in up to four colours using water soluble (solvent free) colours.
Extrusion machine WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER
Our production capacity has been extended by new co-extrusion line for production of LDPE films. Modern extrusion machine from windmöller & hölscher company. 3-layer extrusion machine can produce the LDPE film with maximal width of 2,2 meters and thickness from 10my 250my. The W&H extrusion line is equipped for production of surface protection film for various types of surfaces (plastic sheets, PVC window profiles, glass, stainless steel, prepainted metal, aluminum). Surface protection film is a reliable surface protection of customer products against dirt and mechanical damage during production, assembly, handling, storage and transport.
COMEXI lamination machine
For the production of two or multi-layer materials we are successfully installed a modern lamination machine from COMEXI company. Maximum working width of the lamination machine is 1300 mm. Gluing process using two- or one-component undissolved adhesives. From roll to roll we glue the plastic film (BOPP, PET, LDPE, OPA) as well as the paper. Multi-layer laminated film is the optimal solution for modern and functional flexible packaging. Multi-layer film meets your for a good look and functionality as well.